Parking San Gallo

Parking San Gallo

If you want to park your car safely in the most touristic neighborhood of Florence, this is the parking you are looking for. The Garage San Gallo is in the San Marco neighborhood, in the very center of Florence.

Park and walk to the Cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore, the famous Galleria dell'Accademia and other points of cultural interest such as Fortezza Basso or Porta al Prato.

It is an area where some of the international artistic wonders are concentrated, as well as stores and restaurants where you can taste the most famous dishes of Italian gastronomy.

Book your guaranteed parking space in Florence now and don't worry about finding a parking space, just park quietly and manage your time the way you want!

This parking is inside the limited traffic zone ZTL Firenze.

The city of Florence has environmental restrictions on vehicle traffic via Low Emission Zones (ZTL in Italian). We advise you to check the sticker on your vehicle and make sure you are allowed to drive in these zones. Please note that a reservation is not an authorization.

The city is divided into five sections with different access times. For more information please visit the website Anchor text

In Florence the car parks are authorized to manage the ZTL access permit. When you arrive at the car park, you will have to pay a fee that allows the car park staff to register your vehicle's number plate on the list of those authorized to enter the ZTL. Please check the number plate of the vehicle when booking. Should a mistake be made, to avoid a fine, the car park has a maximum of 36 hours to correct it from the date and time indicated as the start of the booking. Please note that this registration allows only one entry/exit. Therefore, each time you wish to enter or leave the car park during the hours when the ZTL is active, you will have to pay an additional fee.

Please note! The ZTL access permit does not allow access to the entrances reserved for public transport or emergency vehicles (reserved lanes) or to the pedestrian zones.

Check the vehicle's number plate and keep the parking ticket for at least 24 months. It is the only valid document for contesting any ZTL penalty.


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Parking San Gallo

Via San Gallo, 73
50124, Firenze

Places of interest

  • Galleria dell'Accademia
  • Medici Riccardi Palace
  • San Lorenzo Market
  • San Marco Museum

Car park services

Height: 1.90m.
Guarded parking
Guarded parking
Handicap access
Handicap access
Electric Charger
Electric Charger
Attendant keeps the key
Attendant keeps the key

Opening hours

This car park is always open (24/7).



Multipass (You can get in and out during your stay.) No restrictions.
  1. One hour|24 hours: €30.00
  2. One day|2 days: €60.00
  3. One day|3 days: €90.00
  4. One day|4 days: €120.00
  5. One day|5 days: €150.00
  6. One day|6 days: €180.00
  7. One day|7 days: €210.00
  8. One day|8 days: €240.00
  9. One day|9 days: €270.00
  10. One day|10 days: €300.00
  11. One day|11 days: €330.00
  12. One day|12 days: €360.00
  13. One day|13 days: €390.00
  14. One day|14 days: €420.00
  15. One day|15 days: €450.00
  16. One day|16 days: €480.00
  17. One day|17 days: €510.00
  18. One day|18 days: €540.00
  19. One day|19 days: €570.00
  20. One day|20 days: €600.00
  21. One day|21 days: €630.00
  22. One day|22 days: €660.00
  23. One day|23 days: €690.00
  24. One day|24 days: €720.00
  25. One day|25 days: €750.00
  26. One day|26 days: €780.00
  27. One day|27 days: €810.00
  28. One day|28 days: €840.00
  29. One day|29 days: €870.00
  30. One day|30 days: €900.00
  31. One day|31 days: €930.00

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Via San Gallo, 73
50124, Firenze

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